About Us

About 60 Second Updates

60 Second Updates™, a project of Victory NH, is designed to give busy activists an easy way to get the facts on the issues that matter most.

So if you're…

- having trouble keeping up with all the articles you'd love to read

- too busy watch the Sunday morning political shows

- and tired of not having the "facts at your fingertips" when your friends say, "Yeah, prove it!"

… then 60 Second Updates are just what you've been looking for.

In the coming months, we'll be rolling out a range of features designed to make it easier to keep up to date on the issues, political leaders, authors, and policy experts that match your interests; so be sure to keep your eye on your inbox for the latest issues of 60 Second Updates.

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About Victory NH

Victory NH, a 501 (c) (4) organization, began as a small, informal group of like-minded activists, determined to spread the truth about our troops’ successes in the War on Terror.

Those early efforts have now grown into a network of activists and activist groups, dedicated to defending the principles and policies of lower taxes, smaller government, a strong national defense, and our free enterprise system.

We believe the facts about these issues are consistently being ignored or distorted, and it is our desire to see that the truth be told.